Vandelay Radio is a non-profit community online radio station established in 2018 from a student bedroom in Swansea, Wales, currently based in Peckham, London via Bristol.

Broadcasting worldwide, Vandelay Radio provides a platform for DJs, producers and anyone interested in music to have their sounds and thoughts shared to a global audience, regardless of where they are and most importantly, who they are.


Vandelay Radio was started out of boredom, a knee-jerk reaction to the lack of diversity in music we were hearing in Swansea. The plan was to showcase the full spectrum of music to students, create a demand for more artists to play in Swansea and encourage local DJs and producers to showcase their mixes and music.

In a way we failed miserably at our original intention to make Swansea the musical destination we dreamt of, but we became something more than we had originally panned - a truly global community-led radio station.


As a non-profit station, we don’t operate like majority of radio stations where residents pay subscription costs to generate revenue. Our operating costs are covered by our own personal income, ticket sales and donations. 

This is why we’re open to partnerships and collaborations that allow us to grow as a station and offer more value to our roster, without compromising on creativity and integrity.


Vandelay Radio is an online independent radio station based in Peckham, broadcasting worldwide.

We’re able to operate through the support of our listeners. If you like what we do, please consider donating here.