VAN049: OB

This week is the 49th Guest Mix in the series, the numbers just don’t stop rising on the station. This week’s guest is one who has been highly approved of in our community as of late. With new directions being taken in the past year, wiping the slate clean so to say, but without forgetting his roots. OB is this week’s guest and what a guest he is to bring on to the station and introduce to some of our lovely fans that may not have heard of him yet. A producer whose style cannot be pinned, you could listen to his productions and you may not even realise it’s OB track after track as he explores the trinity of House, Techno and Disco amongst his production. These musical choices show through when it comes to the man’s fine selections, exploring a whole range of tracks and genres within the mix. We decided to have a little catch up with the man from the North to find out more on what he’s about.

1. A question we like to ask our guests often is, how did your alias come about? What made you choose OB when you started your music career.

OB was a mix of a different ideas, for whatever reason it was I chose it. I’m not a big fan of the fundamental reasoning for it but I’m not uncomfortable and I’ll stick to my guns with it. I’ll leave it as a mystery for now haha.

2. Upon looking on your soundcloud, your musical journey began 9 months ago with the release on Jelly Red VA 002. Was this one of your first releases or did the music making begin prior to this?

My musical journey started quite a bit before that actually, but I got to a point at the start of the year where I had a bit of a rethink about direction and applying a different production style. I’ve had Ableton installed on every laptop/pc I’ve had for the past 6/7 years really but hadn’t thrown myself into it properly or understood the making of music until the last few years. I’d say the whole OB project has been around 2 and a half years in the making. Open the edit (Jelly Red) was a bit of a milestone in many ways, it was the first OB release and the first of my tracks I played to my Dad, he buzzed off it, a mega humbling moment. The second track on the mix I have done features a new track of mine that is unreleased and unheard by many.

 3. Another thing that becomes clear when looking at your profiles, is that you are not a one genre man within your production, moving across the 'holy trinity' that is house, disco and techno and producing tracks under all three. How do you draw inspiration to create tracks?

I’d say my style is energy and mood based 4x4 dancefloor music. I like making tracks that will make you feel something in your body when you hear it. I can’t stick to one genre for that, there’s nothing wrong with that by the way, but it ain’t for me at the minute. My biggest inspiration is my own taste and my surroundings, I live bang in Leeds city centre and you can really soak up the energy of the place, each day has that different energy and that different mood.

 4. Living and working in such a musically diverse city, what made you want to start producing music and putting yourself out there as a producer?

My production & DJ journey started in my hometown of Doncaster and I’d say it has been refined in Leeds. Doncaster isn’t culturally known nowadays for its parties, but it has some serious musical heritage. Last year Mella Dee launched his own ‘Warehouse Music’ imprint which is based on the infamous club in the town, there’s some pretty wild clips of the place online which will give you an idea. As for Leeds, well, you can seek influences all around the city from long running club nights such as Back2Basics, to artists such as Paul Woolford and venue’s such as Distrikt who throw free parties with the maddest line-ups. Away from the more well-known areas, there’s always little venues popping up and secret parties going off. When you have all that on your doorstep, it kind of becomes a bit of an obsession, you want to be a part of it.

 5. Finally a question we love asking all our guests. What is your favourite song of 2018 so far? Or is there a song that can top no other for you to be more critical on this topic?

 I can’t do this full justice to be honest so I’m gonna cheat give two absolute wildcards… Unknown Artist - Ijzeren Rots. It’s not very often that I chase a track that was a video uploaded on social media, but this little beauty was a myth for me for some time, the only time I could listen to it was from said video of king Barac or from a Ferro VBX mix. I was obsessed!!As soon as I got wind of the release, I pre-ordered the vinyl and sat for for 2 months waiting for it to be pressed and delivered, I was like a kid at Christmas. It’s got that new minimal grove and it’s the simplest sample of ‘The Doors – Riders on the Storm’. The bassline is pretty much from the original track, it’s a devastating party starter. Chris Wood & Christian Burkhardt- Bed & Butter (Einzelkind Iceberg Slim Megamix). My mate sent me this and I was blown away instantly, it’s 08:30 of pure chaos. Techno ambience, breaks, twisted vocal samples. It’s super intense.

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