VAN054: Anna Molly Soundsystem

For our 54th guest mix, we invited Anna Molly Soundsystem to come onto the station for a mix and an interview. An events company based in London and running out of Milan. They are disco lovers through and through, focusing only on the obscure and rare disco records that are out there. With a massive love of analogue that can only be presented through the medium that we all know as wax. With rotary mixers and all vinyl selection, we’re given a raw sounding disco mix with flickers of nu-disco throughout and if that doesn’t tell you this collective’s love for analogue sound then I don’t know what will. Find out what ‘Anna’ had to say to us about her events and how they came about. Pure disco love.

1. First, let me welcome you to Vandelay and say thanks for coming on. For anyone that doesn’t know, tell us who you are, a little bit about yourself and what you do.

My real name is not Anna. Anna came from an Incubus song and when I have decided to launch my parties I have also decided to use this name to protect my working life. I am 31, I live in London, but my parties are based in Milan at the moment, where a crew that works with me take care about the production and organization.

2. How long have you been running events? And what made you focus on disco mainly, as opposed to other genres?

2 years. Why Disco? Because I love that genre since when I was a child, thanks to my father records. It is also true favourite genre of the resident djs of my events.

3. A big part of your online presence, Instagram mainly, is that you are a lover of vinyl and very much focus on vinyl as a musical medium. When did this love affair with wax begin?

My father has a huge collection of vinyls. I was very fascinated about all the procedures that involve somebody putting a record. It is magical the fact that the sound comes from a piece of black wax. I guess people are also fascinated by that, that’s why the profile is having a good success.

4. On a quick browse on your soundcloud, it looks like a while ago you released some music under the AMS brand. Are there many works in the pipeline or is production something that's taken a backseat as a focus of your sound system brand, focusing more on the events or has it simply been side tracked for the time being?

True! I have worked with the resident DJs on creating some disco edits in line with the party. At the moment, due to my job and due to growing request of organizing events we do ot have anything in the pipeline. But...

5.A question we like to ask all our guests when we do these interviews. Do you have a favourite song of this year, or even more critically, do you have a favourite song of all time?

 Absolutely. Jocelyn Brown - Somebody’s Else’s Guys. In my opinion simply, the best song ever.

Vandelay Team