VAN052: Nightdrive

The 5nd guest mix of the series. Wow. We never thought we would reach this far with the series and it just keeps getting better and better. This week we have a man who is shrouded in mystery. Hailing from the Russian Federation, St-Petersburg to be exact, is Nightdrive. He is a fine producer, a great DJ and the label signer for Soviett Records. Nightdrive made himself apparent to us on soundcloud when he sent through some mixes, of which we rated very highly. After this he sent through his 2017 productions playlist and we knew at this point we had to get him on for a guest mix, 6 months later we have finally done it and we are so happy he is joining us in the studio. A small browse through this man’s soundcloud and you soon realise the kind of calibre of producer we are dealing with here. House, Techno, Ambient, Downtempo, Nightdrive is not a man who knows boundaries when it comes to production, but if he does, his boundaries are far apart from one another giving him space to be free with his music. This shows through to the Soviett Records label, with 12” vinyls on the way, this post-soviet approach to music has allowed them to create an eclectic label which knows no bounds, much like the man of the hour himself. We asked him a few questions, his music may know no bounds, but he is a man of few words. We don’t mind though, poppers galore and all. Find out what he had to say about living in Russia and his music career.


1. To kick start this interview, how do you find Russia as a place to live as an electronic music producer and DJ. Is it hard to find nights out or are they of easy access to you where you live?

It is interesting to live in Russia, we have many young guys appeared in terms of electronic music, and some of them perform at the highest level. Russia is a controversial country), but nonetheless beautiful.

2. How long have you been producing music and djing? Your soundcloud spans back to three years ago but did your music life continue prior to this date?

I am engaged in electronic music for about 5 years, at first it was tough Techno, but I am constantly looking for myself, now I’m closer to house

3. You've mentioned that you have your own label. Why did you decide to start a label, and do you have a favourite release so far or are they incomparable?

I don’t have a favourite release, I’m very critical about such things, and the Soviett label helped me a lot, it’s close in spirit and great guys work there.

4. A lot of the music we've seen from you has been very soft, unconventional and even sometimes slightly experimental. Where do you draw inspiration for creating these tracks? Also considering that none of your tracks are that like each other, all with their own flair and style.

I get in vdorenie from a beautiful orod (also St. Petersburg), also my girlfriend plays a role, I try to make different music.

5. A question we ask all our guests. Do you have a favourite song of 2018? Or to be even more critical do you have a favourite song of all time? Maybe one that's come out this year?

This year I was struck by Baltra, with his new Ep, there are generally a lot of strong releases coming out, there are a lot of favorite songs, therefore it is difficult to single out something. 

He even invited us to St. Petersburg which is an offer we may have to take him up on at some point… Catch his guest mix tonight at 8pm GMT. Thank you Nightdrive!

Vandelay Team