Maybe I'm a Feminist.

A week after the Vandelay Launch now and I'm still pretty dumbfounded on how this radio thing all works. Things like phones and the internet still spin me out, like I find it nuts how I can speak to someone across a globe through a little device , but with Vandelay, its amazing. Listening to someone mix tunes from across the Atlantic live, its proper exciting, and I still just can't get my head around it. It's awesome that it all works, cause I really wasn't expecting it to.

The launch went superbly well with a lot of DJs signing up and coming through with some wondeful mixes, big big big thanks to everyone involved. And now we're like a proper radio station with like a roster and a schedule, and its pretty packed. Stullett kicked it off with his lovely Payday Podcast, which got me excited cause I thought I was gonna get paid on Friday, but darn bank holidays. Foamek did a stupid live show as well of proper rave music and I couldn't stop dancing. 

I'm really impressed with the roster, we've got a ton of great guys from around the world so check that out. I wish we had a few girls on there though. Not in like yeah "lets get a chick round" way but like just would like to have women being represented. Maybe its more of the electronic music scene being dominated by men. Shame really. Anyways enough of that, I've got more of the roster to do. With more guys lol. One day.

Dare xo
P.S: will try and make this a weekly thing, just to let you guys know how Vandelay is doing.
P.S.S: check out my show "Birds Sounds in Close Up" every Monday, 20:00-21:00. shamless promo.

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