VAN037: Tumu DJ

Continuing with our blog, this week we’ve got another lovely addition to the VAN guest mix series, some people know him as Tom but most know him as Tumu Deejay. A Bristol based producer and DJ of which he’s very serious about both. With a vinyl VA release already under his belt (the first of the midnight love series) and a regular player around the city, he’s an artist to keep an eye on for sure, especially since he ended up playing at the tower festival of which we press released for a few weeks back. His track, Swimming, is one that will have you replaying over and over at any time of day be it a house party or just when you wake up, it’s a track suitable for all times which we know you’ll have on repeat because we’ve already played it a ton. You can find the VA on juno, but its limited to only 300 copies so grab one whilst you still can! We decided to ask a few questions about him and his DJ career.

Where did the name ‘Tumu Deejay’ come from?

It’s just a play on my real name.

What inspired the start of your alias?

I’ve always had clear ideas within the styles of music i love that I’ve always wanted to materialise and mutate. anything I’ve released is drawn from wanting to create music suited to experience, create within styles I find fun to mix with or hear within mixes and not limited to dance environments.

Favourite tune of the year so far?

Maybe Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid’s Velocity, I love that vocal sample, I’ve always wanted the spiral tribe record that uses the same one

Why did you agree to get involved in Vandelay?

Ollie reached out to me after a set, I checked out the station afterwards and really liked a lot of it so I was happy to get involved.


We are all really glad down here at the station that Ollie approached him absolutely mashed at love inn, this mix really shows Tumu’s different and eclectic style of mixing. The mix will be played tonight at 8pm so don’t forget to tune in if you want to see how a real DJ mashes work on the decks.

Vandelay Team