VAN038: Cassettes For Kids

This week, our guest mix comes from another lad from Leeds with a lust for life. Kidding, its Cassettes For Kids! The Melbourne based Producer and DJ had been gaining a lot of traction over the last couple of months, with releases on La Dune, Bon Appetit Records, Tiger Tapes and of course, the highly coveted Nerang Recordings. so we invited him for a mix and a qyuick chat. We virtually flew down under for a couple questions about his career and whatnot, and some really professional questions were asked guys. Here's what he had to say:

Where did the name come from? 
When I was a little kid, my brother used to give me these little mixtapes on cassette. There were four of us kids growing up who all influenced my music taste so it goes, ‘Cassettes For Kids’ 

What inspired the start of your alias? 
I actually started off making really bad flying lotus kind of beats occasionally, then I went into making dance music. It has always been primarily an emotional output, snapshots of how things are going in my life. 

How do you decide what tune is worthy of a release?
If I’m still grooving to it after a thousand play throughs... I’ll leave the main guts of a track playing on repeat in my house when no ones home and if I’m still vibing, it’s a killer. Oh, and if people boogie when you play it out!

Where do you see your future releases going? And are there any current developments we should be aware of ?
I still want to remain in the realm of melody driven house music because so much of it speaks to me on an intrinsic level. I’m now really starting to make music that I’m super proud of, so I can only hope my tracks get better for people to boogie to! I’m using more real instruments now and getting more hardware which is making the whole process much easier because of how much more organic it is in comparison to clicking a mouse. 

Favourite tune of the year so far? 
KETTAMA - BODY. Absolute party killer. 

Why did you agree to get involved in Vandelay?
Because they blackmailed me. 

We didn't actually blackmail him, so all you man trying to say Vandelay is dodgy and that, allow yourself. Big up Cassettes For Kids with the killer mix, make sure you go buy his tapes and that. There's his soundcloud -

Peace and love.

Vandelay Team