VAN036: Goldefish

Hey guys.
We decided in order to keep our blog more updated, we're gonna start doing interviews of the acts we manage to wrangle onto our guestmix series, to highlight them not only as an artist/act/dj/performer/whatever, but as a person as well. To kick this off, we have Bristol/Swansea based Producer/DJ Goldefish joining us, a really personal friend of the station, and we're really big fans of all his music. Fresh from the release of his debut EP, Fisheye (available on all major steaming platforms aka bandcamp), we caught up with the man of the hour for a couple questions.

Where did the name “Goldefish” come from?
I simply have an awful memory, so thought it rather fitting. I also see it as kind of emblematic of the playful-ness of some of the music - it flits about and does its own thing without being too serious.

What inspired the start of the Goldefish ?
It was around a year ago when I started to produce in a different sort of way and I thought the music needed a new moniker (previously it was Office Block Acid, a pretty shit name).

How do you decide what tunes are worthy of a release?
Basically just down to whether I enjoy it enough - if I don't get on with a track I'll leave it for a month or two and then come back again with fresh ideas and a new head to finish it off. I have a lot of older tracks that aren't really amazing but aren't awful either and I often put those in with other downloads on bandcamp or whatever, or hide them under different alias' on soundcloud.

Where do you see the your future releases going, and are there any current developments we should be aware of?
So I just (self!) released my little 'Fish Eye' EP, which has 6 housey cuts on including a remix by my boy Tide Back, who I actually met through SLF and has helped me out with tweaking tracks and stuff quite a bit (go check him!). I'm really pleased with it and I feel it's a nice little collection of tracks, also got big support from Kettama on 'My Life' which is pretty mad! I have a few small edits that I'm just finishing off and hoping to put out in the next two months so watch out for those I'd say. Currently I have been making a lot of more experimental stuff and trying to improve my sound design and generally just messing around more. A lot of it has a darker, post-garage sort of side to it that I have not really explored before, and I'm starting to record the drum kit on a lot more stuff which is fun as it just makes it so much more diverse as a piece of music.

Favorite tune of 2018 so far?
Favourite tune is super hard, but I really liked Rev8617 from the new Skee Mask album; he just has the midas touch and is so original with sounds and riffing on little ideas to make amazing tracks. It's quite light compared to the rest of the album and just makes sense. I have to mention Catch The Loop from the Kamaal Williams album too, such a sick track. Also crazy excited for the new Djrum album, he is unreal.

Why did you decide to get involved with Vandelay ?
I've watched Vandelay's (slightly delayed *insert winky face*) growth from nothing to what it is now, and know Dare and Ollie from being in Swansea too and I feel it fills a gap for the current 'lo-fi' community that has particularly sprung from SLF, but also just as a great platform for anyone to turn up and share music with each other! Swansea's scene is completely dead so it was a revelation to find out about people actually doing something new and then bringing people together who share the love and broadcast it for all to enjoy. I hope I can get more involved in the future!

There you go, many thanks to Goldefish for participating make sure you catch his guest mix streaming today live at 8pm. Also go check out his new EP on the links below, and show some support, hope you enjoyed the read.

Vandelay Team