VAN042: DJ Self Esteem

For our 42nd mix in the series we’ve got a DJ who might come across as shy, but his beats scream funky and outgoing. DJ Self Esteem joins us in the studio to showcase us his sounds, of which they are lovely. Hailing from Edinburgh his man may not be a producer, but you cannot doubt his selection one bit, tunes to sort you out whatever the time, weather, occasion, you name it and Self Esteem can bring it. We decided to ask Self Esteem a few questions to find out more about his music career and how he likes his coffee.

Where did the name DJ Self Esteem come from?
I guess I'd say it's because when I DJ, my aim is to give everyone a good time, and having a good old boogie with good tunes is the best boost if you're feeling a little low, in my opinion.

How did you get into Djing and especially Djing the type of music you do?
It all started for me an epic 2(!) years ago, when I started college. I was suddenly exposed to the scene and instantly fell in love. Big up to my fellow Edinburgh peep Bolam for starting this crazy ride, he's been a hell of an inspiration for me, helped me get a start, and without that boost, I don't know where I'd be

We've got and had a fair few scottish people on the station. Whats it like in Edinburgh for music and nights out, is there much range or is it limited?
Edinburgh, and Scotland as a whole, have a really fantastic electronic scene, and I'd argue it's impossible to not find something that appeals to your tastes. It also has a lot of hidden gems, particularly Sketchy Beats, a venue definitely worth a look, and where I popped my live mix cherry

In relation to the previous question, what are some of your favourite events in Edinburgh but also across the UK if you ever travel to them?
Heavy recommend to Overground, always running quality nights in the Edinburgh area

Digital or vinyl? Or a mixture of both?
For my mixing, I'm a purely digital guy, and I know that's not exactly a popular point of view, but it's something I'm willing to change...if someone wants to lend me some cash for CDJs, that'd be golden.

How do you go about collecting new tunes and discovering tracks?
YouTube is always a decent starting point for me, but aside from that, I find being a member of as many house and techno related groups on Facebook is a great way to get some proper stuff you haven't heard, usually because the producer is some unknown talent, and that always gets me excited. Of course, going to see sets and hearing tunes get played out the old-fashioned way is always a solid option too.

Can you name a few of your favourite tunes and genres?
Difficult question, I've been hearing so much quality stuff recently, Bellaire, Knee Deep, Hidden Spheres. In terms of genres that make me tick, I'm a big vocal/diva house guy, stuff that makes you feel amazing just through listening, you'll definitely notice a prevelance of that sorta stuff. Good fun, not too serious, sums up me perfectly, to be honest.

Vandelay Team