VAN043. Wow. What a random number 43 Guest mixes and no sign of slowing down. Come a long way in the space of a few months so before we get into it, massive thanks to everyone. Like every single person involved, all our listeners, everybody really. Even the haters. Joining us for this week's guest week is a man who needs few words of introduction. Part of the next wave of talent from down under, we're pleased to have XDDUB for our next instalment in our guest mix, all the way from 'Straya.

What inspired to produce and why did you choose to produce under the moniker XDDUB?

Originally I started producing in Apple Logic Pro as my go to DAW in 2015 after starting collecting records back in 2006/2007 and buying my first pair of decks. I was always a breaks/hiphop and funk head back in the day. After moving to Melbourne in 2012. I discovered other musical styles and electronic genres Techno/ Drum & Bass and Jungle / Garage 2 Step and House. After a few moniker changes I decided on XDDUB after I left home in Melbourne to move to Canberra in 2016. XDDUB originally stood for Experience Design Dub as I work as a UI/UX designer and coder. The style was similar to produce similar what I had begun producing with earlier projects including house / uk garage / dub / techno and electronic.

A quick scroll through your soundcloud will reveal music produced by you with tons of variety, from UK Garage inspired beats to classic disco infused lo-fi, how do you manage to be somewhat genre-less?

Yeah, as I mentioned the styles of genres are equivalent to boxing things just for the sake of it. Electronic music or EDM generally turned me off and commercial music was something I've always been opposed to. So I was after a style of Low-Tech electronic or Lofi (sometimes saturated and over compressed or distorted quality recordings) over house music beats and intros. I've been using the same sample packs I purchased and downloaded back in 2015. I now own some KRK monitors, a Mac, a A&H Zed10 and two Korg piano synthesisers (monologue/microKorgxl).

You recently put out a preview of a track of what we presume is upcoming, Being in the Middle. It's full of emotion and depth with a really organic drum beat, what's the story behind that?

Benign sense of purpose. Middle child dreams of having everything but in reality having nothing. Something from my youth?

Another song we love from you is Modern Living. Pure relaxation all through, is there a reason you tend to slide towards to the more chill side of electronic music?

Oh yeah? Great! The drums I'm proud to get right on that. Kinda house and garage electronic piece.

What's the scene like in Australia, we've seen tons of talent coming out of down under, is there something in the water or what?


Any big plans in the work? Or are you gonna keep teasing us with snippets?

Working next on a more solo EP which I can put up for purchase or free download on my Bandcamp. First one I dropped 'soundizmz' was last year now.

Finally, favourite tunes of 2018?

Definitely digging labels and tunes by:
DJ Heure
Razor n Tape
Lil Silva
Peggy Gou
Lobster Theremin
Roza Terenzi
Big Zen
Nite Fleit
Freddie Gibbs
Pogo House
Dj Whipr Snipr
Nerang Records (what up fam)

Many many thanks to XDDUB. Be sure to check out his mixes for HOUZ, Moskalus, WeLofi & Rodeo.

Vandelay Team