VAN040: Indian Man

This week, Indian Man joins us for our 40th guest mix on the VAN series, and our fifth artist interview feature! A seasoned DJ and producer,  Indian Man is one of the few producers in the UK that isn't afraid to showcase his ethnicity through his music. Majority of time, foreign music in the UK electronic music scene is normally gentrified, giving a 4/4 treatment to make it more accessible, sampled obscurely with no credit or homage to the original artist. Indian Man does the opposite of this, combining his Indian upbringing and culture with electronic influences, when you hear and Indian Man track, you hear his context, his culture, his influences as pure and as true as they can ever be, with a lot to say for other producers. Fresh from his set at WOMAD Chile, and preparing for WOMAD UK. We caught up with him and brought him into the digital Vandelay studio for a little chit chat.

How and when did your music career really start?
Music has always been a therapy for me, maybe even an escape. I grew up in a traditional family where the idea of having a career in music was not an option, the more realistic option (and expectation) was to get an arrange marriage and be a good 9 til 5 husband. I suppose it started when I decided that wasn't the route I was going to take. 

What inspired you to create this original fusion of indian vocals and garage tracks?
Simple, two of my favourite genres in the world.. putting them together could only be a good thing!

What made you choose garage as a genre over any others?
Garage just makes me want to skank out Gundhi style (If you don't know about the Gundhi, search "Gundhi brothers" next month). Its also nostalgic and this genre holds many memories for me, though this is just one of many genres of music that I like to produce and play out, I don't really have a genre, I love the global sound - whatever feels good. 

Do you have any residencies where people could access your unique music easier and more often?
I mainly tour festivals over the summer all around the world, that is where you are most likely to catch me. You can hear all my work on 

How long does it take you to create new tracks and is the process harder or easier for you considering the wholly different genres you choose?
It really depends, It all starts from an idea or something I hear. I have produced some tracks within days, some within months, the main thing for me is to not be locked in one way of making music, I see myself more as a world music selector/producer.

When including other music, aside from your original productions, in your mixes how do you go about finding the music you use?
A lot of the music I play out is music from my childhood - Punjabi Bhangra music, remixes, bootlegs. I am hugely inspired by well rounded artists that have blended world music elements so seamlessly like Nitin Sawhny, Quantic etc. so a lot of my selection is comes from and through artists like them - again, whatever feels good, I never put limitations on what I play out.   

Many thanks to Indian Man for joining us, look out for his guest mix streaming at the usual time!




Vandelay Team