VAN044: Diego Betas

Buenos Aires is a place for us which is shrouded in mystery. A place where you might think that the electronic scene isnt popping, well we've got someone very special on the guest mix series here to tell us wagwan. Diego Betas, a man of many styles, someone who personifies pure eclecticism. You couldn’t pin this guy to a label and he’s someone who is always changing what he plays. Be it a live set or a DJ set, you can’t know what he’s going to bring. With his emerging label SISMO ( and more than 15 releases under his belt, physical and digital, he’s an artist you guys want to keep your eyes on. We decided to ask him a few questions before his mix to see what he’s really about.


1. Being from Buenos Aires, it's not somewhere we at Vandelay have had much interaction with. Is there a large electronic music scene out there or is it something that is new and growing?

The electronic music scene in Argentina, particularly in Buenos Aires, is very old. There are several active independent artistic groups.

2. You've got a real range of productions which we love. So refreshing to see people really branching out instead of remaining with a single style. Is there one genre of music you prefer to make over others?

I like to produce music of different styles. It's hard for me to stay in one genre. I like albums that generate a concept in themselves and have a narrative no matter what styles the tracks go through. I consider that what most influenced my career was the sound of the 90s, especially the UK breakbeat and jungle.

3. Where do you draw your inspiration from to be able to curate and play such eclectic and genre fluid live sets?

Well, I just sit down and capture a simple idea and from that idea another idea emerges and that's how my creative process happens. I think what is decisive is the emotional moment I’m going through and the music I’m listening to.

4. Brand New Day and Luz De Luna are absolute stompers. Do you have a particular album/EP/Song of your own which is a real favourite for you?

Thank you! I don't have a favourite release. They're all different.

5. When you go out and perform do you prefer DJ sets or Live sets, or are they too different to be able to compare?

They're very different. I like to do both.

6. What are your next big projects and plans for the rest of this year and 2019?

In October I'll be touring Europe. On October 26th I'm at La Fée Verte in Marcella. I'm also producing a new album that has a fresh, new sound.

Vandelay Team