VAN045: DJ Windows 7

Returning to the Vandelay airwaves for his second go at our guest mix series is DJ Windows 7. One the most highly regarded names in the lo-fi scene, DJ Windows 7 exploded onto the scene  with his edit of the Mall Grab's B.F.O.D.A.A.S, a slowed down, groove-infused chiller, and soon got a name for himself, releasing a plethora of lo-fi tunes, setting a standard for lo-fi should sound like. There are YouTube tutorials on how to sound like DJ Windows 7, and many have attempted to emulate his sound, and many have failed. You can't recreate feeling, emotion, and that is what DJ Windows 7 continues to convey in all his releases. The man from Mexico joined us for a few words on music and more.

Where did the name DJ Windows 7 come from?

I think it's a holistic vision of my adolescence and the mockery I always wanted to have in my dark personality. 
In an article in Brooklyn Vegan a long time ago, I read about the live sets of DJ Windows 98, without being immersed in the current scene, I chose the 7 for pragmatism in my favourite operating system, also given that Win Butler and Arcade Fire are a impulse for me, I identify with Win because of its musical diversity, the duality of being able to be a musician and DJ at the same time, like me.

Why did you choose to produce lo-fi? How did that come about?

Poverty is a factor that drives this way of making music, I do not have enough equipment to exploit my capacity as an instrumentalist musician, so from my frustration with Deep House, I decided to listen to new genre
The lo-fi aspect was to describe my situation like many musicians, and very fast I could record my instruments in an amateur way, without there being any problem to equalise them correctly, the art consists in defining multiple processes without hierarchies, the guidelines in subjective expression are garbage.

You released Inspirational EP, with Vandelay regular Adam. How did you two meet?

 I had the bad luck to talk to Adam when I was in France, he fell in love with Mexico and he contacted me when I was in his city. From the beginning, I supported the Adam channel, with music, promotion and contacts. I helped him with his first theme and spontaneously the idea of doing something together arose, I am proud of the child, I am waiting for him here in Mexico.

What's the scene like in Mexico? We don't really see a lot of Mexican DJs performing on a global scale?

Disregard and conservatism, that's the problem, our musical trends in Mexico go to the most banal you can imagine, I have faith that little by little the scene will increase, that's what I've talked with a friend recently, it's necessary that the labels begin to show in other countries, since it will increase the popularity of the genre.

One of our favourite songs from you is Sustancia, it's full of emotion, almost melancholic. What inspired that, could you take us through how you felt when making that?

 In those days I was finishing "Introduction to music", an excellent book by Manuel Valls Gorina, I remember that in one morning I started everything, I put a tonic in my favor and started practising with the piano; When I had a perfect scale, I added it and started to give rhythm and shape, the most difficult were the basses; I usually do them with my guitar, but I can not just record them, so I have to add them to a virtual bass that I like. Although I do not complain, I prefer to make my music step by step and give it a substantial meaning, that name I gave due to the difference between the adjective and the substantial, in fact I asked EELF to put that phrase as a description, great impulse for me.

If you could pick one song released in 2018 to be the song you'd have on repeat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This question is very difficult, but I will be concrete, maybe this 2018 and my whole life is defined in 2100 by Slim Hustla.

Many thanks to DJ Window 7 for the chat, make sure you catch his guest mix available on all Vandelay Listening Platforms, and look out for this guy, really.

Vandelay Team