Dare Balogun

Dare (pronounced da-ray) is a Producer, DJ and professional hype man and ad-libber (skr skr). Also known as Francois Dillinger to his music buddies, Dare is a co-Founder and Big Boy of Vandelay Radio and the idea of starting a radio station first came into his head after getting shafted in his university radio committee elections. 

Likes: A good Ableton Crack, Proper House Music (Eric Kupper, Rick Wade) and Italian Food

Dislikes: Vinyls that come with a digital release.


Ollie Gordon

Co-Founder and fellow Big Boy of Vandelay Radio, Ollie Gordon is the face behind the elusive O.G moniker. Ollie has travelled far and wide searching for his sound as a DJ, delving into the deepest bits of house, techno and for a short sad regrettable period, drum and bass. He came up with the name Vandelay after watching every single episode of Seinfeld in like two days and falling in love with George Constanza.

Likes: Disco edits, Long walks on the beach and 90210 (fave)

Dislikes: Well done steaks and local talent getting shafted by promoters.


Ben Kurturan

Vandelay's man in Bristol. Ben is the head designer, graphics coordinator and all other technical terms used in the art world. He designed our lovely little logo and is also in charge of the artistic direction of Vandelay. He also sports a lovely little moustache which he has maintained since birth and a dress sense which is second to none.

Likes: Cigs

Dislikes: When no one's got a lighter



The only one on the team that actually understands coding, web design, HTML and all that jazz, young computer whiz Roxy takes care of all things technical and difficult on Vandelay and performs extremely complicated technical tasks with ease, making all the boys look a bit silly. If our website ever goes down, or we aren't in line with our new privacy policy which is constantly being updated so we never actually have one, you know who to blame. 

Likes: Dare, Recycling and Cappucinos

Dislikes: Cheap gin, Prices of pints in London and Plastic Straws.